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Kovale Diwas by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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had said at that time, ‘You will have your days, you will be famous one day.’ Today people say that ‘You are a successful writer.’ ‘Actually, success is a temporary phase in an author’s life. In a way it is the extended failure.’… Today, when I see the books written by me, all lined up in a glass showcase, I somehow get a feeling that after 10 years, there will be none of those books. Still I am writing, Why….? Let us try to find out the reason behind this from the incidences in the author’s life. Each morn out of these four walls should actually begin with new vigour and vitality. This is the solace moment when birds sing, buds blossom and trees shoot out into new branches… All the thoughts and ideas that those thinkers and literati had had towards the welfare of the human race must have arose in those wee hours…for sure … This book talks about one of those selfwilled author and of his ‘Tender Days’

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