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Khekada by Ratnakar Matkari

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`Khekada` means crab, the one whose bite stings, which hurts tremendously, every single soul is scared of its bite. All the stories in this collection are full of fear, this fear itself will bite the reader. This fear has the capacity to capture any human mind, to make a person shiver with real agitation. These stories never move away from the original facts of life. In his story `Tumchi Goshta`, he reminds us that the events occurring in this story can take place in your life too. After reading the story we start to imagine things which we should not and once again he reminds us, `see this can happen with you too!` The author has such command over words that you feel the rope hanging around your neck. The author is an excellent example of genuineness and his work is simply unique, if it is translated in other language then it will not only grace the author but also grace the Marathi literature as such.

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