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Khali Jamin Var Aakash by Dr. Sunilkumar Lavate

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Khali Jameen Var Akash (literally between the sky and the earth) is the autobiography of Dr. Sunilkumar Lawate who after being born to an unwed mother was deserted by her and who spent his childhood as an orphan. He was shunted from an orphanage to a remand home (a detention a place) though he was not an offender. The child in Dr. Lawate suffered mentally behind the high walls. His new journey began when he joined a private school where he experienced humanity for the first time. All throughout his student days, he had to face the stigma of being an orphan as also to dodge rules of a rigid bureaucracy. After completing schooling, he continued his education and studied upto his doctorate. Dr. Lawate now took to teaching which he did for almost two decades. He also decided to devote himself to the cause of the orphans. He carried out various experiments, visited foreign countries and soon rose to the position of a decision maker in child welfare. Khalee Jameen Var Akash brings out the many faceted personality of Dr. Lawate who has had a hard and painful journey of life starting from NNK (Name Not Known) to NWK (Name Well Known).

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