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Ketkar Vahini by Uma Kulkarni

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This is a story of a city girl who goes to a small remote village in Konkan after marriage, with sweet dreams of a happy married life. Once there, she gets various experiences, fights against all the odds and adverse conditions. Meanwhile, her husband is murdered. Now she fights on legal backgrounds too, asking, pleading, demanding justice. This is the theme of the novel Ketkar Vahini. This is a true story of a woman`s life and her mental power and courage that depict all these things very interestingly and capture the reader`s mind. After the death of her husband, she not only brings up her children but gives them higher education, sending them at Baroda, Pune, for higher education. With a will to make them self-reliant. This was a Herculian task. But she did it! In the same way she wins most of the cases in various courts, which is a great achievement. In short, the novel is quite inspiring to those who always grumble against their poverty and odds arising out of it!

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