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Kavita Smaranatalya by Shanta Shelke

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A few years ago, Shantabai was running a column `kavita smaranatlya` through the magazine `Antarnaad`. In this, she was presenting the poems which were her favourite, which she had liked very much, which she had remembered very well. While doing so, the original poem was given with Shantabai`s review about it. There were 25 such reviews by her in the magazine. This book presents them all together for the convenience of the readers. We all are aware of the poetess Shantabai. Her study and research of all the poems, new or old, her love for poetry, her choice everything itself is exclusive. She reads other`s poem with an open mind. She grasps the beauty without any prejudice. Her reviews about the poems she liked the best thus become master pieces. This book will satisfy the hunger of the readers as well as the students studying the poetry format in detail.

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