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Katal by Ranjeet Desai

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The Agriculture Tenancy Act 1948 a law was passed in favour of the peasants. It brought a devastating change in the society. For hundred years, the society had developed a particular system, based on it everything was running smoothly. But this law shattered every thing in everbody`s life. The effect on the slow and sleeping minds was devastating. It resembled the barren land which was ploughed for the first time. Everything was centred around the land and everything changed. The Inamdars, the Watandars, Peasants, Poojari, Bara Balutedars, Desais, Deshmukhs, Deshpandes, Kulkarni, Khots all were shaken in good terms as well as bad terms. Laboures who were living in big cities had saved amount over years, had bought land in villages, had given it to the peasants for cultivation, they also lost it to the peasants because of the Act. These were the days when everything around was changing fast. The democracy changed India in many ways. The reformation was taking place all over, in all classes and masses, and at all levels. The most shattered was the Joint family systems in the villages. The Tenancy Act gave rise to division that of house, that of land and that of human beings. There were disputes between all possible relations. Nobody was spared. Fatherson, brotherbrother, families lost their love against the lust. The rural life suffered heavily. Their life was shattered beyond measures. These changes are penned down in the two long stories PeraUgawala & Pandhur Uthali. They will leave you in turmoil.

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