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Kanchanmrug by Ranjeet Desai

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The letter ‘Shree’ in Devanagari script is full of curves. It represents godliness, excellence. One who strives for it has to go along such a curvilinear path. But alas, these days the ‘Shree’ is remembered only for the complex curves; not for the strength that it represents. The river flows along a meandering path. But this brings prosperity to the surrounding lands. The mountainous roads too take twists and turns through valleys and hills. That is why men can cross mountains of difficulties with ease. Today people are embracing only the twists and turns and neglecting the power of ‘Shree’! Words like ‘hard work’ and ‘service’ get only lip service. ‘Sacrifice’ gets trampled beneath the heels of power. Where will this deterioration in human values finally lead mankind?

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