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Kanchankan by Shivaji Sawant

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`Kanchan` in Marathi means gold. This collection is named so as it consists of many gold moments woven together in the artistic style by Shivaji Sawant. He touches very gently the tenderest and peculiar moments of the lives of Chaatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and first Bajirao Peshwa. He is also blessed by some of the prominent Maharashtrians like Acharya Atre, Anna alias G.D.Madgulkar and the great musician Vasant Desai. Somewhere the author has succeeded in bringing forth the lifestyle of the people`s man, Bhai Manohar Kotwal, who gave a new dimension to the fight of the dock workers. The articles based on Dnyaneshwar are the most salient feature of this collection. One must enjoy them in a peaceful surrounding. The readers will surely be tempted to store these golden moments in their treasury.

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