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Kalpit Akalpit by Sudha Risbood

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A human mind is always attracted towards the astonishing super natural powers, and impenetrable mysteries. It is true that science shades light on many of these so called mysteries, but at the same time we should not ignore that the fact modern science is creating more and more questions. The scientists then have to work on these questions too. The lay men remain entangled in the whirlpool of science and technology, tiring themelves in the attempt to find out the answers to these problems. The stories herein have a scientific base. They are written with the hole and sole purpose of entertainment, the author does not claim to have any scientific base to them. So trying to find out some scientific aspect to them will be a vain attempt. All the characters, incidents, thoughts are fictitious. Any resemblance to anybody or anything will be a mere coincidence. Stories as well as poems are the two sides of a coin, and the mind power of a poet or an author cannot be neglected. He sees beyond everything using his most imaginative vision; and you never know, tomorrow we may come across the incidents mention here in reality, depending upon the progress of science and technology.

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