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Kalakabhinna by Swati Chandorkar

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The human is through the darkest tunnel; he comes out through the womb and cries for the first time, he takes entry into the world. He finds company of mother-father, relatives, friends, colleagues, and so many others. His life blossoms from all sides. At times, he comes across friends and finds new measures of happiness. He forgets about past and present. All of a sudden, one day, he just gets frustrated with everything. He finds friends in the machines. Sometimes, he realizes the truth when he sees someone dear lost under `Have You Seen Them?` The relations between humans turns into settling of accounts. Body loses its freshness and mind loses its fragrance. Both become worn out, hollow. They find nothing to keep them busy. The free time comes to kill them, but does not kill at all. They try to pass time with the fond memories through the old `Albums`; which in turn presents the rainbow colours of their youth and childhood, with shadowy visions.

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