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Kabuliwala Ani Itar Katha by Ravindranath Tagore

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One well educated girl from a Bengali Brahmin family married a foreigner Muslim youth against the wishes of her family. She went to visit her inlaws staying in a small village in Afghanistan with high hopes and faith. Once she reached the village she realised the fact that there were roads to enter this country but not to move out of the country. All the people were not bad but some were mean, some were selfish. She was imprisoned there because of such people. She suffered a lot during the 8 years of her imprisonment; she experienced many a good and bad things. This story presents the hairraising experiences when she tried to run away to India, away from her stagnant life there, away from the Talibani fanatics after facing their opposition courageously. We shiver to our bones while reading her story.

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