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Kabandh by Ratnakar Matkari

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What is a mystery? It is story based on a mystic aspect of life. Death is a mystery. What really happens at the time of death? No one could ever answer this question so far. Science has so far succeeded in putting forth a theory for the destruction of the human body. But human is not only the body, it is the mind within, the soul within, it has feelings, lust… Do they extinct with death? Or do they linger in the universe? No one has been successful in answering these questions. The common people are always attracted towards the dark secret of life. Yet, how far true it is from the scientific point of view? It is again beyond arguments. In general, the stories based on facts are considered to be artistic while those based on mystery are supposed to be without any artistic value. Matkari`s mysteries have proven this consideration wrong. He has incredible style as a writer and produces it with an earnest zeal, he features the characters perfectly well, the theme is captivating, and the ambience is so true that we live in it. Of course, this is all philosophical discussion, but people who do not believe in supernatural powers also have found themselves engrossed in these stories from starting to end.

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