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Kaath by S. L. Bhairappa

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this story takes place in the city of Mysore. Someshwar, our hero is an architect who has lost his wife a few years back. Intending to start anew he shifts his base from Mumbai to Mysore; from a wellsettled business to a fresh start.Amrita, a married woman with two young children stays alone in her farm house with the two children and is a lecturer in the college. Destiny brings Someshwar and Amrita together. Though married, Amrita does not live with her husband Ranga. Ranga’s sister is Amrita’s aunt. Amrita has lost her mother when she was very young. Her aunt gradually takes possession of Amrita’s household and her father too. She conceives a child from him. Amrita and Someshwar get tied up in a bond. But there are too many hurdles in their way. The worst of all is her nature. She is too hot tempered and possessive about him. Many a times, Someshwar decides to leave her for better, wind up everything from Mysore and go back to Mumbai. One day, he does so. But he comes back to Mysore. How, why, when…………….. Read this in Kaath.

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