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Ka Re Bhulalasee by V. P. Kale

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In Marathi, it is said that "Ka re bhulalasi varaliya ranga`, it means that often a human mind gives importance to the external appearance and tends to forget the internal beauty. Through this collection, Va Pu has followed the pattern to reveal the true colours of a human mind. Throughout our life, we wear masks over our faces concealing the original "me` beneath it successfully. We change the mask coordinating with the incidences happening around us. Every human being tries to hide his true self, his moments of happiness or sorrow, love, cheating, cowardice, depression, anxiety, revenge, everything, behind the mask. It is true that most of the times, we have to put the masks around, but at the same times, the masks which are worn with the sole purpose of treachery stand apart. Everyone has a distinguished vision while judging the world. Each one of us try to colour the world, in our colours, with our own imagination. But while doing so, we tend to forget that each one has an individual mind set. We try to impose our ideas on others; is this not a mask too. As Va Pu himself says, we have lost all the true colours that of life, nature and human being while leading life of masks, we have forgotten the true nature, life and human being.

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