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Janmathep by Girija Keer

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What if the parents are running behind money, forgetting everything? What ideal will this attitude set before the children? The females who consider their body as a showpiece do not hesitate to use it for monetary gains thus causing emotional pollution. All the erotic scenes unnecessarily provoke young minds. When we look around and witness the hideous ways tried out by the leaders in the lust of authority then once again we are compelled to ask ourselves, who will be the ideal for the coming up generations? Many have set in the search of light today; the Sun has set ages back for them. They are trying their best to find the way out with just a twinkling light from the ‘diya’. We expect a lot from the wrong-doers, from those who have been punished by the Law and Judiciary. But when they try to join the main stream after completing their punishments, do we offer our hands without vacillating even for a moment? On the contrary, it is this same youth that successfully preserves the tenderness and the faiths in their minds. They set up their minds to be the best and await our cooperation.

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