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IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE by Tanveer Singh

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Natasha dumps Tarun but Puneet falls for him…….What???????

Far from family and friends, Tarun is fighting a neurological ailment…….. Oh!!!!!!!

Tarun has a crush on Rupali while Arun betrays Manik……..What are you talking about??????

The book is a journey through the age of confusion and exploration – the late teens, a path through growing up adventures and trysts that must be secret, even in the relative permissiveness of post Gen-Y India. It is a battle on many fronts and the one that cannot be lost is the battle with a debilitating nerve condition – a battle aided by medicine, doctors and good wishes; and yet has to be fought all alone. When the mists clear there is Rupali, the object of a slight crush… and the vision blurs again.

Tanveer Singh‘s debut novel is your visa to a world most of us have seen from a distance and none too clearly. Could you take the plunge?

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