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Iranmadhun Sutaka by Angela Ferrante, Sousan Azadi

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Born into the wealthy, westernized elite of the Shah`s Iran, Sousan Azadi grew up in luxury. In her privileged circles the thunder of approaching revolution was easy to ignore. Then the Shah fell and in the terrifying new fundamentalist regime of Ayatollah Khomeini Sousan and her friends were branded taghouti, devil`s followers. They were hunted, their children brainwashed, their property confiscated. Alon with her son after the death of her husband, Sousan became an easy target. She was flung into jail, where she witnessed terrible suffering inflicted in the name of `immodest behaviour` and `indecency`. Only when she caught the eye of a Mullah, who clearly expected sexual favours in return, did she escape. But real freedom still lay beyond the snow-capped Zagros mountains, in Turkey - a hazardous route for a woman and child to take. OUT OF IRAN grips and involves the reader as it recounts one woman`s courageous struggle for survival in fanatical war-torn Iran.

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