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Indrajit: Siege of Kamboja: Volume 1 by Yogeshwar Yogi Shastri

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The vultures. Always the vultures. "Messengers of the Gods," the Persians of the old religion called them, purifiers of the soul. But here they were, doing what they had done since before the age of man- feasting on the carrion of the dead. The glare of the noon sun reflected off the dry earth.The hard ground was cracked and wrinkled. A fog of rotting smells choked the air. The broad plain lay covered in corpses. Soldiers, camp followers, generals, and pack animals lay prostrate on the ground. Bodies lay in mangled heaps, mutilated beyond recognition. Stuck into those heaps were the battle standards of the fallen army.

The army of Islam stands ready to sweep the Hindu Kingdom of Kapisa into oblivion. 

Only two warriors stand in its way-Indrajit, the dashing warrior from South India and Rustom the Persian. When the two warriors capture a secret Arab message, little do they know of the wild ride ahead! They must race against time and evil forces to deliver the message to Kapisa.

  • Will they get the message through in time?
  • Will the evil forces overcome them? 

Indrajit-Siege of Kamboja is a thriller historical fantasy book that combines action and mystery with Indian history, indian mythology, hindu culture, hindu philosophy, tantra and symbolism.If you like Amish Tripathi, Ashvin Sanghi's books, you will love this book. 

  • Praise from a satisfied reader: "Its a short book but I have been savouring reading it during my bus trips to and from work. Your book is the sort of book I wish I could write - to show Indians as they were, strong, courageous, indomitable - the way we should be, and the way I think we will be again. ."

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