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I, Romantic by Rajeev Jhaveri

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Sometimes if you are lucky, you meet someone who
makes you rise above yourself, makes you see unseen
images; opens up windows for you. And when you look
out of that window you see a dream and follow it.
Years go by and the dream becomes a reality.
That is when you realise that you have forgotten the
one person who started you on your way.

‘I, Romantic’ is a coming of age story of Avinash Rai
as he unwittingly falls in love with a bespeckled fiery film
student. His love for her unleashes a world of
untold promises: a world of Hayden’s symphonies,
Yehoshua’s poems and Einstein’s prose.
As the achterbahn gains momentum, we see how
Avi transforms from a naive soldier to a patriotic war
machine and to finally, a soldier of dissent !

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