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I have a Dream/Stay Hungry Stay Foolish/Connect the Dots By Rashmi Bansal

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This collection of boxed set includes three books by Rashmi Bansal. These books are, I Have A Dream, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, and Connect The Dots.

The first book in this set is Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. It is about 25 graduates of the elite IIM, Ahmedabad who chose the road less travelled. In times when they could get a job with a plum package, they chose the road of entrepreneurship. This book motivates graduates to work towards their dream, break their inhibitions, and looking beyond fat salaries and placements.

There are some people in society who create organisations which not only serve their own goals, but also help others achieve their goals. These people are called as social entrepreneurs in today’s world. This book is divided into three parts, with a total of 20 stories of such people. The first part is termed Rainmakers, and consists of eleven stories of entrepreneurs, and profit was not their only driving force. The second part named, Changemakers is about those people who decided to create a positive change in the society. The final part, Spiritual Capitalists, is about the people who have imbibed the feelings of common good and spiritualism.

The final book Connect The Dots in I Have A Dream/Stay Hungry Stay Foolish/Connect The Dots is about the 20 people who had the courage to brave the world dominated by people with MBAs. These people had faith in themselves and became entrepreneurs without any degrees. I Have A Dream/Stay Hungry Stay Foolish/Connect The Dots was published by Westland in 2012, and is available in paperback.

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