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Hubehub by D. M. Mirasdar

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Baban could mimic anyone perfectly (‘Hubehoob’), but finally his life itself became an imitation… This man in his selfishness, and struggle to have a square meal made God sweat (‘Ghaam’)! Meet Tatya mhatara who loved dumb animals with his heart, more than he loved his own life… Anna Bhagwat – the man who made it his mission to teach a lesson to every corrupt Revenue official (‘Tagai’) – a lesson he would never forget… Aba had a habit of spending his lunchtime (‘Jevanvel’) under the neem tree and he was responsible for a lot of incidents – both good, and bad… Whatever the merits or otherwise, of a case – if Diguanna was a witness (‘Sakshidaar’), a verdict was a certainty! Experience the vagaries, and variety of human nature in ‘Da Ma’s’ inimitable style!

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