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How to Enjoy Your Work and Succeed Paperback – 30 Mar 2005 by Parkinson (Author)

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If you dread each working day, while eagerly waiting the next holiday... this book is for you! Very simply and tellingly, the ace management trio shows you how to effortlessly tackle dull, routine jobs and transform your work into a highly creative, enjoyable and successful experience. And that's exactly what the Japanese have so stunningly done. Packed with true-life examples and delightful cartoons, this book explains the innovative management concepts which form the secret of the Japanese economic miracle, like the inner game, just-in-time production system, life-time training and quality circles, etc. Honda's amazing success in U.SA. is explored in detail, as also the legendary Japanese work ethic that has revolutionized productivity in Japan. Whether you are a business executive or a manager, a technocrat or a civil servant, apply these simple but powerful techniques to whatever job you have at hand... and discover the grand success that lies within your grasp.

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