How To Boost Your Brain Power By Roger B Yepsen

How To Boost Your Brain Power By Roger B Yepsen

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  • You're born eiTher smart or not so smart and once you rEach adulthood there's not much you can do about it.
  • Common foods have psychoactive powers only for certainhighly susceptible people.
  • Growing forgetful is as inevitable as growing old.
  • Exercise is great for the body, but the benefits don't really extend above the neck.
  • Alcohol fuels creativity.
  • The human brainceases physical growth early inlife, just as the body does.

Emotional fatigue is relived by rest and relaxation. If you disagree withThese commonly believed statements, you are well informed. but if you find yourself going along withone or several, open this book and become better acquainted withyour mind. Most of us appreciate that the brainis marvelously complex.

But how to boost your brainpower describe another remarkable property of the human mind:

  • Its flexibility.
  • Throughout life, your brainretains the ability to grow to meet the demands you place upon it.
  • This book shows that if you can challenged yourself withnew tasks, hobbies, languages, puzzles, friends, you literally can keep your "mental muscle" inshapes-at any age.

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