House of Pain by Sèphera Girón

House of Pain by Sèphera Girón

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The house looks so normal. Just a charming home in a small town–perfect for a young couple starting out together. But this house was built on the site of an unspeakable series of murders, butchery so savage that the brick walls of the basement seemed to flow with blood. Tony was just a boy then, but he stood and watched as the notorious house was demolished. Now he's a man, and he's brought his beautiful young wife with him to live in the new house built on the site, without telling her of its hideous secret. Still the nightmares come to her, visions of horror, suffering and perversion, drawing her down to the basement, to a dank tunnel that lies beyond a wall. What calls to her from inside the tunnel? What waits in the darkness to be unleashed?

"House of Pain is horror at its best." - The Midwest Book Review

"A powerful and unflinching novel." - Peter Atkins, Wishmaster

"Girón's prose is smooth as silk, the pacing is dead on. I devoured this book in a single sitting." - Horror World

"House of Pain is a perfect - if far from safe - place to lose yourself on a stormy fall night." - Fangoria

"Genuinely creepy." - Cemetery Dance

"House of Pain rocks with good old-fashioned creepiness." Edo Van Belkom

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