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He Sarv Apalyala Kothe Nenar by Arun Shourie

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Arun Shourie`s writtings in The Indian Express packed with evidence, uncompromising, prophetic on the issues that are consuming the country today: evaporation of governance and what it spells for internal security; developments in Pakistan, the breathing time they give us; what the achievements of China spell for us, and what we must do to face up to them; how the present Government has sown trouble with the nuclear deal for our security as well as relations with the US; the need for reforms and the real record of leftists and others who are blocking them; the CBI inquiry that was instituted against him, and an inquiry that should have been instituted against a CongressI Government but was killed by the Central Government; the falsehoods with which budgets to which industrialists have been giving scores of "9 out of 10" ; how rulers try to dodge revelations in the media, and how those very dodges nail them; how their responses to hide, to shield contrast with those of Gandhiji, and the consequences of that contrast; how today idealism in the only practical politics; the way leftists bury inconvenient facts under an avalanche of abuse; the vital similarity between and the vital difference between Hinduism and Islamic fundamentalism; the new journalism and how it is jeopardizing the interests of the country... A must for our times. A must for saving the country.

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