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Hastacha Paus by V. S. Khandekar

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This is a collection of 9 short stories, yet another feather in Khandekar`s cap, a treat for his fan club. The subjects for all the stories are those with whom we are very much familiar. The characters mentioned herein are seen all around us. The stories reflect the human attitude which is basically same. Sometimes, it is about a doctor who has given up his whole life for the well being of the patients. In return, what he gets is just hatred. His family is lost, killed, pulled away from him. He loses faith in humanity but at the end his good background and teachings bring him back to his normal self. Sometimes, a very good character is spoiled and an innocent mind turns into a killer, revealing the fact a part of every human mind is possessed by devil. One particular story reflects the true meaning of being a woman, motherhood, it gives a depth to living, a meaning to life. Other story reflects the failure of a respected member of the society. One story explains the true meaning of love; it is not a right, it is duty. What feelings can a fear cause in us? This is a very good story revealing the minds of young and old in contrast, bringing it to our notice that fear is the same for young and old. In his story; `Kavi, Shimpi and Rajkaran` he pictures the minute details of the mentalities of these three professions. `Aarse Mahal` brings out the naked truth that till the time we have a beautiful face and body we fail to recognize the inner beauty, only when the beauty leaves us then we think of god. The last but not the least, explains the meaning of true love and the importance of marriage and its value in Indian culture.

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