Great Short Stories by Reader's Digest Association

Great Short Stories by Reader's Digest Association

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A Collection of The Best Fiction Pieces from The Reader's Digest.

Over the years, the fiction feature has remained a firm favourite with the readers of our magazine. This branch of prose fiction, usually more compact and intense than the novel or the short novel, fits admirably in the Reader's Digest concept of good reading.

This volume is made up of a collection of short (and some long) stories which had appeared in the Digest. The stories revolve around a variety of themes - love, joy, suspense, terror, romance, adventure - and something for every member of the family.

We offer you several great short stories, the work of writers who had mastered the art and craft of short story writing. 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', is pure fantasy, yet has a special appeal, because all of us do fantasize. O. Henry's 'October and June' is a tender romance, 'Lamb to the Slaughter' is a delicious blend of suspense and humour, 'The Man Who Liked Dickens' is all subtle terror and the James Hilton classic 'Goodbye Mr Chips' is a much beloved teacher-schoolboy story.

An interesting blend of the old and the new, this volume also offers you the best of moderns like Frederick Forsyth, Kurt Vonnegut Jr and Corey Ford. These add further flavour to the collection.

In short, here's a much-prized anthology whose contents will make you laugh, cry, think and then induce you to come to it again and again.

38 short stories

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