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Gramin Bolicha Shabdakosh by D. T. Bhosale

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Words and the language thereafter is the greatest boon to the mankind. Words are the medium of acquiring knowledge, fulfilling our daily needs and affairs. Every language has its own beauty which is revealed in the culture of every society. India has a very rich and varied heritage. Indian language is also equally rich and varied. The language differs from region to region, state to state, and community to community. Each language is full of beautiful words expressing the feelings in perfect words. But if not used, these words would soon become a thing of past. Today, we all are aware that many powerful and meaningful words have already been extinct. With te purpose of giving through this book, the author has attempted to bring back many such forgotten words, he has compiled them together for our perusal and a new dimension to the Marathi language to bring back some of its glory. He does not bother much to find the origin of the words, on the contrary he strives to make us familiar with them by presenting a bit of its history and examples to relate their perfect use. This is surely a very good attempt to bring back the forgotten words to the present; once again.

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