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Governance by Arun Shourie

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The working of Government is just a paper work, or it remains limited to registering things, the rules get entangled within the rules itself, the committees which were originally formed to resolve problems become problems themselves, the very very important documents which may harm the security of nation get lost into the huge piles of files and visits to the courts, the appointments on the project works become a job of obligation and reveal the shabbiest functioning, the projects in the public departments become a show business but is never revealed fully before the public instead works more for the benefit of the ministers and officers. What is the difference between China and India? What is the solution for all these problems? The first and the foremost is the governing system which will make the people competent. For this, first we will have to go to the core of the problem, recognize it, record it and present it before the public. This document presents a true picture of the situation at the Government level by none other than the one who has witnessed it and has dared to reveal it. It also tells us the importance of changing it today, at this moment, without losing a single moment.

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