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Goshtich Goshti by D. M. Mirasdar

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There is nothing like magic; it is all trickery. Babu of Bhokarwadi dons the mantle of magician (‘Jadugaar’) to prove this point! Bajaba makes a complaint about a robbery in the hotel; but then also gives a written submission that the theft never took place (‘Chori zalich nahi’)! Fed up with the local politics (‘Gavgundi’), the newlyappointed lady teacher decides to quit her job and leave the village! Babu and Chengtya too face the same travails (‘Vanvaas’) as Rama had to. The Government issued an Ordinance legalizing corruption (‘Bhrashtaachar’); but this only serves to double Balu’s workload since he is a government servant! Bapu Patil did complete the adoption formalities (‘Dattakvidhi’) for his son, but Babu and Chengta manage to mess things up! Dagadu Gawali one conducts the class (‘Taas’) otherwise taken by the Std. IV Maths teacher who took pleasure in caning the boys! Siva Jamdade, Rama Kharat, Gana Mastar, Nana Chengat, and Babu Pailwan go for a picnic (‘Company’)! Fun…Irony…Advice…Sharp criticism…and tragedy too…such is the nature of this collection of stories.

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