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Goshti Mansanchya by Sudha Murthy

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Sudha Murthy, a professor, a social worker and best of all an author with the most innovative and skillful mind. Her writing is based on truth, and presented in a wonderful mode, touching us, giving us immense pleasure. We often come across unexpected situations, say for example your granny wishes to overcome her illiteracy with your help, or may be the president of India wish your company while travelling, or your teacher all of a sudden decides to give you more marks than you deserve. What will you do in these situations? While reading Sudha Tai's stories you will come across the solutions for these astonishing situations. This book is a collection of stories. One story has a naughty student and believe me, his naughtiness will keep you totally absorbed. The other story tells us about a wife who saves every single penny from her household expenses with just one dream, her husband's dream of setting up a new business. For the author, this brings back her mother's memories and her advice. The author has also written about her grandpa and the promise that she had made to him for donating books to the library in her village. All these stories have freshness, they are healthy and they make us smile. Each and every story imparts an important lesson, how to accomplish our goals which have touched our soul, which we find very logical, which are based on our principles.

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