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Goshti Gharakadil by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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All around us, we see people who have aged for all our life. The neem tree here is also one of them. Has anyone seen the tree when it was young, is a doubt that I have about it. It has a huge trunk. All over the trunk you will find many hard knotlike structures. It is as if the neem has reached a certain age and is going to remain like that forever. As if the time for it has stood still. But the month of Chaitra brings some change with it. Many shades of parrot green start appearing all over the ageold neem tree. It spreads a sort of aura all over. It shades a wonderful light. As the scorching sun goes on roasting everyone around, people automatically turn towards the neem tree. Its shadow has mesmerizing effect, that of the air conditioning system.

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