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Gift: The New Science Of Manifestation by Desai A

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This book truly a GIFT from GOD because it has all the keys that you will ever need to unlock the doors of success in any area of your life. In fact, its so profound that it completely changed my entire thinking about what 'The Law of Attraction' actually was and also made me aware as to why millions of people even after knowing about the law, and reading a ton of books on it, didn't really know how to ACTUALLY MANIFEST anything that they truly wish to Be, Do or Have. This book is a complete treatise on everything you ever wanted to know about the truth. The truth about the law of attraction and beyond. If you have ever read and marveled at the law of attraction, but never really been able to use it to your best interests, then this book will show you the way like nothing else has ever done before! PERIOD!

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