Get Better or Get Beaten  by Robert Slater

Get Better or Get Beaten by Robert Slater

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Jack Welch built GE into the most successful American corporation of the late 20th century. He accomplished this by focusing on quality, insisting on innovation, and forging a series of innovative business strategies that transformed GE from an overly bureaucratic, slow moving, and self-satisfied dinosaur into a lean, agile competitor. Like Jack Welch himself, Get Better or Get Beaten, 2nd Edition, continues to carve its own path and call its own shots. Updated to reflect the realities of today's 24/7/365 global e-conomy, this classic management manifesto gets in your face and tells you what you need to know. For virtually every business situation, it answers one overriding question----"What would Welch do?"----with clarity, purpose, and a singular focus on achieving bottom-line results. Small enough to fit in your coat pocket, yet bursting with Welch's leadership secrets on every page, it paints a compelling picture of how to teach employees----and yourself----to accept nothing but the best. Look inside to discover: • Strategies Welch used to pull off the largest acquisition in GE's history----the stunning $48-billion purchase of Honeywell • How Welch is using e-communication to energize and revitalize every corner of GE----from the mailroom to the boardroom • The inside story on Six Sigma----Welch's sweeping quality initiative that is the foundation of GE's success Jack Welch is a no-nonsense leader and has acknowledged that, when preparing for a speech, he has frequently peeked intoGet Better or Get Beaten. Hard-hitting and honest, it is today's most entertaining and enlightening book on climbing to the top of today's corporate ladder----and doing what it takes to stay there.

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