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Geronimo Stilton Spacemice #4: The Galactic Goal by Geronimo Stilton

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Geronimo Stilton is a best-seller in the category of children’s book series. In this 4th part, Geronimo Stilton rallies the external universe in this celestial fun series. The space mice have got the invitation to join the intergalactic space soccerix championship. It is the name of a very famous competition that is held in space. Although, Geronimo is an invitee into the game, he does not even know how to play the game. And eventually being unknown to the format of the game, he has to lead a whole team to triumph against the aliens, who have weird talents like FLYING! How will Geronimo perform his duties as a team leader for a game which he himself is not able to play?

This fun-filled write-up is all about the responsibilities that the space mouse has to perform as a leader during the game. This tale will specially amuse fiction-lovers. The book is worth a grab specially for children and pre-teens. The book is available online at Amazon India.

About the author:

Geronimo Stilton is renowned as the true writer of this series who lives in New Mouse City. He was a journalist and editor in Rodent’s Gazette. He is a fantastic story teller and admired among the readers. After the release of his 1st story he got much appreciation and was given the tag of the best-seller. The story is written specially for pre-teens and persons who love the concept of fantasies

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