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Gappagoshti by D. M. Mirasdar

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In ‘Maazaa kailasvasi vruttapatra vyavasaya’ the protagonist narrates how his journalistic career came to an end due to his intellectual nononsense style of writing…’Khedyatil ek divas’ takes a sarcastic look at the gross misconceptions that city dwellers hold about village life…Bhiku Ingale decides to become a teacher rather than a clerk and in ‘Eka vargatil path’ he tells how he learnt his lesson for life! Moved by the plight of flood victims in Pune, the folk of Bhokarwadi go on a fundraising drive and end up needing help themselves…In ‘Ganpat Patil’ we meet the largehearted, but cunning protagonist who keeps fighting the case for prestige though he is sure to lose; yet in the end he forgives Sakhu…on the other hand, in ‘Nikaal’, Ganpat Waghmode somehow manages to get a favourable verdict for himself… The common thread that links the tales together in this collection is the somewhat humorous streak underlying all human nature – full of paradoxes and cunning. The easy and spontaneous style has lent a conversational tone to the volume.

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