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Gandhali by Ranjeet Desai

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This is a collection of stories based on famous historical figures. The name indicates that this is a set of stories having it`s own fragrance. In the beginning the author admits that ‘Words have no fragrance. They have only meanings. But a combination of many words present a person and the atmosphere May be after reading these stories reader will feel the fragrance too then it will give me immense satisfaction.` The author shows his confidence and faith in the readers. All the stories in ‘Gandhali` are based on the lives of famous personalities and the incidences from the past. He has slected each one carefully. Each story is a homogenous mixture of valour, compassion and romance. Each one reflects the author`s command over language and takes the reader to the history itself. The success of ‘Gandhali` is intense on the background of novels from the same author, based on historical figures.

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