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Forever After by Catherine Anderson

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From the moment Heath Masters lays eyes on Meredith Kenyon, he knows theres something mysterious in this pretty womans past. True, she seems like a good mother to her little daughter, but as local sheriff Heath has seen his share of liars. . .and Meredith is certainly hiding something, But through his romantic gestures are met with suspicion, Heath cant help but be drawn to his vulnerable new neighbor. He doesnt entirely trust her, but he sure does want to kiss her.

About to lose her child in a devastating child custody case, Meredith transformed herself from urban widow to small town mom, escaping the clutches of her abusive late husbands manipulative father. Fleeing across America, she ran straight into the arms of the lonely lawman. Heaths persistence melts her misgivings, making her wonder if she could overcome her traumatic former life. But could his love protect her from her past--now and forever?

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