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Final Venture by Michael Ridpath

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A cure for Alzheimer’s would be worth billions. And well worth someone killing for.

Simon Ayot is an Englishman working for Revere Partners, one of Boston’s top venture-capital firms. The firm’s star investment, worth millions of dollars for each of its partners, is BioOne, which is working on a cure for the disease.

Frank, one of Simon’s bosses and his father-in-law, is found murdered at his summer house in the marshes, and Simon is in the frame.

To stay alive, and to save his marriage, Simon must figure out who killed Frank. And who will be the next to die.

Michael Ridpath has written eight bestselling financial thrillers, published in over 30 countries.

“Ridpath has that read-on factor that sets bestsellers apart.” - The Guardian

“It is the author's insight into the complexities of the business that gives his novel so much life. And he can write... Yes, he has a winner here.” - The New York Times

“It’ll send a shiver down bankers’ spines.” - Mirror

“The author makes you feel the intensity of the trading floor, the combination of number-crunching and gut instinct that leads people to take big risks, the thrill of playing a hunch and getting it right.” - Los Angeles times Book Review

“For sheer entertainment, there's nothing in the mystery genre to beat a well-constructed thriller… …the new book of Michael Ridpath provides a master-class in how it's done. I read it in one gulp." - The Observer

“As slick and compulsive a piece of storytelling as can be found in the best of blockbuster fiction.” - Sunday Express.

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