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False Impression by Jeffrey Archer

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" Why was an old woman killed brutally the night before 9/11? " Why the successful banker of one of New York`s topmost bank was not surprised when he received the left earlobe of a woman? " Why was the topmost attorney working only on one case and that too without charging anything? " Why did the young businesswoman steal one of the pictures of Van Gog, when she was not a thief? " Why was the sportswoman given 10 million dollars behind every event of the Olympics in which she was participating, despite of her not having any account in the bank? " Why did the young girl seek a secretarial job when she had inherited a huge sum? " The Japanese businessman was seeking happiness in donating 10 billion dollars to a woman whom he had met just once, `Why?` Do you want to find out answers to all these questions? You will surely come across them during the journey from New York to London, London to Bucharest, Tokyo and lastly a small village in the outskirts of England, along with Jeffrey Archer in `False Impression`. Lastly, you will come across with the `Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear` and the secret it is holding, mysterious, shocking, unforgettable...

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