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Everything Happens For A Reason by Kavita Daswani

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Sometimes you think that you will get a particular thing in your life. And what if you are blessed with the same thing? Then? Say for example the type of life which you really want to lead... Priya marries a very handsome Indian settled in America. From Delhi, she moves to L.A.; Los Angeles. She starts moving into the circles of Hollywood, intermingles with the stars of Hollywood. At the same time, at home, she acts as a typical obedient Hindu daughter-in-law, respecting everybody, keeping the house clean, cooking, fulfilling all her in-laws wishes. When her mother-in-law suggests her to take up a job, she is surprised. More surprised would be her in-laws and husband if they would ever come to know the exact nature of her job. Priya joins the stream and becomes a page three journalist; very soon she is the most popular, much sought after and envied by many. Though entertaining, this novel has an edge. The main character of the novel is so lively and enthusiastic that you will love her.

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