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End Game by Mathew Glass

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July 5 2018, Masindi, Uganda: 218 people are massacred when the Lord`s Resistance Army attack an undefended hospital. Amongst the dead are 32 American medical volunteers. September 12, UN Security Council: The US announces its plan to eradicate the Lord`s Resistance Army once and for all. But it will mean military intervention in China`s African sphere of influence. The message from the Chinese is keep out. October 17, Wall Street: Stock prices tumble as a wave of uncertainty sweeps the US markets. Memories of the collapse a decade ago are still fresh, and Washington is prepared to do what it takes to prop up America`s banks. But the government`s concern is that this time the turmoil is orchestrated. That someone is deliberately undermining the US markets. Three unrelated incidents, or the opening moves in a much larger confrontation between two superpowers?

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