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Dusare Promithiyas Mahatma Gandhi by V. S. Khandekar

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Prometheus is the celestial being from the Greek mythology. He underwent immense pain and agony to develop the human culture. V. S. Khandekar finds Mahatma Gandhi`s life and personality resembling to that of Prometheus. He always considered Gandhiji to be the Prometheus of 20th century, thus making Gandhiji second Prometheus. These articles were written to praise Gandhiji on the occasion of his birth centenary. They all reveal Gandhiji`s yearning resembling Prometheus. When the whole country was singing in the declining virtues, it was Gandhiji who was continuously planting the seeds of virtue, he himself was executing utmost virtuous conduct, bringing smiles on many a faces. His words spoken through Khandekar`s pen have the capacity to evoke the intense ardour for hope. This collection tries to reveal Gandhiji`s life and his thoughts in a new way, it implements the importance of fortune and fate in contrast with rites and observances. It creates awareness in the reader`s mind about the social piousness. If you really wish to win over the concise fundamental truths like religion, caste, country, etc., then you must try to understand this `Doosra Prometheus`.

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