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Dost By V P Kale (vapu)

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`Dost` includes stories of people of various kinds. These are the people who preserve their pride and that of their families, who are narrow minded, stubborn and prefer to live within their own limits, who triumph over the situation and also surrender to it; these are the same people who even rebel against their routine lives. People of this nature, with their typical joys and sorrows, their problems and dreams can be found all around us. We find them close to us as we have either gone through the incidents taking place in their lives or we have seen a reflection of them in other lives. Va Pu`s ability and mastery of transforming a tiny seedling into a touching narrative, his skill of finding philosophy in a simple dialogue and his optimistic view of life gives us a different energy and power. The story, from which the title is derived, is the peak of all his mentioned proficiencies

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