Don't Lose Out, Work Out! by Rujuta Diwekar

Don't Lose Out, Work Out! by Rujuta Diwekar

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Honoured by 'Nutrition award' from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology , Rujuta Diwekar is an award winning trainer. Her book "Don't Lose Out, Work Out!" is one of the best-selling books in India. In this book, she has shared her years of knowledge and experience on diet, weight-loss and healthy living. She explains the importance and role of workouts, types and its benefits. Vital concepts of healthy living are explained in easy-to-understand language.

The books also includes real life experiences of people, which makes it more motivating and interesting to read. The author passes on her knowledge and understanding in very simple terms, reflecting her wonderful sense of humour from time to time. She lists easy ways keep track of health amidst day to day struggles with life. Rujuta through her book brings you the secrets of healthy lifestyle de-bugging myths about diet and exercise.

About the author:

Rujuta Diwekar is celebrity nutritionist and Nutrition award winner from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. She has written many weight-loss books and "Don't Lose your Mind, Lose Your Weight" is one of them. The book not only topped the best-selling chart, but also managed to secure that position for four years. Her second book was "Women & the Weight Loss Tamasha," that was released with a personal note by Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor. Translated in over four languages, 400, 000 copies were sold of her first two books combined. "Don't Lose Out, Work Out!" is her third book.

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