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Don Mane by V. S. Khandekar

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Balasaheb, Every human being has 2 mindsets. One is of an animal, and the other is of God. The first enjoys only cohabitation and the latter believes in sacrifice. The former thinks only of physical pleasures, the later understands the greatness that lies beyond all the pleasures. Nature has given strength to the former mind set, comparatively the second mind is rather weak. The secret of successful life lies at the centre. If both these minds are equal in strength then one can make life happy and if this happy life is developed properly then there lies the success. Everybody understands this but a few practice it properly. The conflict between these two minds is a never ending process. If the second mind overpowers the first then a person with such mindset can face any danger. But if a person gets into the clutches of first mindset then he becomes weak, falls prey to temptations and learns to swindle with those near and dear and then....

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