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Dhanvantari Gharoghari by Dr. H. V. Sardesai, Anil Gandhi

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‘Family Doctor’, a concept though not totally forgotten but modified in today’s world, yet presence of a doctor is very essential. Male or female, child or aged, each one requires to see a doctor, a specialist, a super specialist every now and then. There thousands of queries that we want to ask a doctor about. At times, issues related with the health of infants, their development and growth, or problems related with ENT that is ear, nose and throat, dental problems or issues related with eyes. The problems may be related to external beauty or internal beauty that is psychological. At times, the problems are as severe as osteoporosis. Gynaecological or counselling after married life is yet another aspect of these problems. It is not that only severe problems need attention. Minute things like recurring fever, infection, cough and cold etc. also need medical advice. It is our family doctor who looks into all these matters and guides us for our well being. This present book is an attempt to highlight the concept of ‘Family Doctor’.

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