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Dhagaadche Chandane by V. S. Khandekar

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People who do not write often ask us, how do you write? From where do you get the ideas for writing? Are these ideas taken from all about you or do you create them? If you find them all around you, then how come we do not notice them? I would say that the ideas are all around us. Each idea has the immense potentiality of expressions. But all of them are not converted into any form of literature. Why does this happen? I as an author feel that it is because of the limitation an author has. Not every author has the capacity to metamorphase each and every idea into a beautiful butterfly. Sometimes, some idea invokes some inner strength and automatically the mind fills in with words, phrases, sentences. Some of it takes a form of literature, some of it just does not. I have been a writer since last 50 years. For halfacentury I have been sharing my ideas with you. I am realising that my energy is drawing back these days, One should not accept the boon of youth forever. This collection contains a few of my experiences. They give me utmost pleasure. They will give a me a feeling of fulfilment if you derive pleasure, happiness, moral support, relief or entertainment.

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