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Design Your Career by Shrinivas Pandit

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In today`s world, the worst problem is unemployment. This phase is not a temporary one; on the contrary it is going to end the era of `service`. Today`s world is the most speedy one, on the top of it, we have to prove our abilities constantly, we are continuously expected to be the best. On the other hand, those who have been freed from the `service` have joined a new path, they are working freely. This has given rise to various modes of career. This book will prove to be an excellent guide; it will help each one considering the personal abilities, aptitudes, attitudes, and the new rising needs of finance. It is full of practical guide lines, examples, and easy techniques. The best part of it is based on the vast experience of the author in this field. You will also come across the graph of people who have been the best in their respective career fields. Like other books in the market, this one also guides about how to find a job in a traditional market based upon services, but the peculiarity of this book is it also guides about how to stand firmly in a `service-less` finance system.

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