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Create Your Own Destiny!: Spiritual Path to Success by Rachel Madorsky

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Create Your Own Destiny! Spiritual Path to Success is an invaluable resource for those faithful to and open to spiritual and energy healing in which nearly every sentence contains wisdom worthy of contemplation. The book helps the reader realize the body and the mind are not two independent essences to be treated separately, but must be treated as a single whole. The reader gains insight into the power and results of natural and spiritual healing from a science-oriented practitioner. The unique book, written in easy-to-understand terms, is a desktop guide to health for those interested in the preservation of health and the maintenance of karma. The writer is unique. Her educational and scientific background is not normally associated with the gift of natural healing. Traditional science has not quite recognized a gift such as this without analytical proof. Yet, history and folklore traces individuals with the natural healing gift throughout the ages. This book is a modern day encounter between friends and their documented journey together, battling the ravages of cancer, and their ultimate victory. The book helps the reader learn quickly of the vast positive energy and power existing within each of us. The book is a documentation of a spiritual pilgrimage appeals not only to individuals who may be searching for knowledge of the energies and natural laws throughout the universe, but also to those who may be suffering from cancer. Good health is much more than taking a few pills when one becomes ill. Healing is a whole mind-set, with spiritual implications and cosmic forces. Author provides an opportunity to gain the necessary self-knowledge for self- healing. Create Your Own Destiny is for people with life threatening disease, like cancer, searching for answers. Scattered through the text are the startling conclusions the author has reached about the metaphysical truths behind health and disease. Rachel Madorsky indicates that even in the most life threatening situation, spiritual forces are available to help fight for life and health if the individual is willing to accept the truth of their soul. We seem to choose our destiny more often than we usually admit. For the person struggling to find answers to a health crisis, this book gives some places to look for understanding and a model for fitting together the answers. The experiences of others are offered as examples and options. One of the messages of the book is that there is hope for different outcomes if one has the courage to choose to seek answers through exploration and intuition. Intuition is held as the final judge of truth as it applies to the individual seeker. Create Your Own Destiny, gives a fascinating look into the mind and practices of a rare individual a natural healer who has taken up the lonely task of understanding and using her gifts for the good of those who find their way to her practice. Nonetheless, the book is a valuable one-of-a-kind look at a work in progress, the evolving knowledge and beliefs of a natural practitioner of an ancient healing tradition.

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